Foreword to the Analysis of Document Z8xb8 of the International Theological Institute
Chateau Trumau, Austria
Dr. Jacques Comte, Paris

It is commonly known that numerous biblical documents are eye witness recollections or even renarrations rather than factual historical science and thus need to be viewed critically, as well as analyzed and evaluated. The New Testament includes four Gospels, their authors being Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It is undisputed that these scriptures were written in the first and early second century A.D. and share much of their content but also vary on many details.
Research has shown that Mark's Gospel is probably the oldest whereas the one of John seems to be the latest of the four. In the course of their distribution many changes have been incorporated into the scriptures due to accumulation of the renarrators' own ideas and interpretations. In a time in which exact copies where unknown or even impossible to produce, and dissemination was mainly achieved verbally truth and fiction were always mingled in any story in equal parts.

The gospels narrate the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth. They tell of supposed miracles, words and deeds of a man from Galilee. They however only show isolated extracts and anecdotes but do not form a complete biography. They are contemporary reports that were recorded many decades after the death of Jesus which already implies faultiness and flaws.
Looking at eye witness reports shows that even after a few months have passed an event will not be recounted completely and truthfully. An amount of skepticism and doubt about the historical correctness of certain parts of the bible are thus definitely in order and legitimate.

The institutionalized church is based on and relies heavily on these to be differentiated scriptures and has played a significant role in global history. The discovery or deciphering of further historical truths in this context could thus have far reaching consequences. New findings should be considered sensitive and communicated with the utmost caution.

The analyzed document Z8xb8 at hand was dated to the period of 20-25 A.D. utilizing the C4-method. At its edges it shows...

Jade stopped reading. "Strange..." She rubbed her eyes and stared at the little screen of her notebook. "This document doesn't only stimulate my own imagination as it seems..." she mused. "Should it be this obvious?" Deeply inhaling the cool air she glanced out of the open window at the night sky and its shining moon. Her thoughts wandered to the terrible events of the recent months and the effect which they had had on her life.

Since days Jade's mind was busy with things that only had little connection with her day to day life and job and she was increasingly putting her recent decisions into question.
After all that had happened she needed to put some distance between herself and things and had accepted a posting to Sant' Antonio, a small backwater village in the Lombardy, to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. After all you could find the answers to your own questions and inner fears any- and everywhere.

Slowly a cloud crept in front of the moon and cold darkness fell on the city. "What am I waiting for?" Resolutely she closed her notebook, shut the window and picked up her waiting suitcase containing her few belongings. She would set off to Sant' Antonio right this moment and thus manage to get there before midday. There was nothing here to hold her back.
With squealing tires she exited the courtyard, curious about what was waiting for her at the end of her journey. She would never have expected how thoroughly her personal life and world and everything she believed in would get turned on their head, quite literally in fact...

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